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Professional Leadership Development

Create a winning team with Jacques & Associates. Our wide variety of services have guaranteed results:

Leadership Development

We offer research-based and practically oriented leadership development services that include an integrated program of initial assessment, 360-degree feedback, supportive coaching, targeted training, and development planning with specific, measurable goals. We work with individual leaders as well as intact leadership teams. Programs range from multi-day intensive sessions to integrated programs that span over a year in length.

Leadership Coaching

Whether as part of an integrated leadership development program, or as a separate service, we offer intensive, practical one-on-one coaching with leaders at all levels, with particular expertise at the senior executive level. This confidential service focuses on understanding the leader as an individual, the organization and their role in it, and how to best equip each leader to succeed.

Training & Development

We offer a full range of customizable training solutions:

Select From:

Leadership Development

This workshop provides the basics to a widely-used leadership model...

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Change Management

This workshop provides understanding with changes in an business...

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Managing Conflict

How to positively deal with conflict in a workplace...

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Influence Without Authority

How to get things done when you're not in charge...

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Coaching Skills

This workshop applies the process of coaching in the workplace...

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Develop mentoring skills and capabilities in the workplace...

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Emotional Intelligence

Understanding how EI relates to successful leadership...

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Assessment Services

Self-knowledge and an awareness of how others perceive us can be key to identifying strengths and areas for development as a leader. We offer a wide range of reliable and valid psychometric self-assessment tools as well as 360-degree assessments addressing personality types, behavioral preferences, leadership styles, conflict and change management approaches, career values and emotional intelligence. Fred is accredited in the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and the EQi-2.0® emotional intelligence assessment.

Executive Team Services

Unique to Jacques & Associates, the Executive Team Center brings together the best practices and tools in leadership development in an integrated suite tailored to the needs of an intact leadership team. Assessment, feedback, training and coaching are all conducted in a unique amalgam that moves between individual work with the leaders, and intensive work with the team as an intact unit.
Consultants focus on helping the individual leaders to better understand themselves and how they bring that unique self into play at the team level. Then working with the team, they coach and encourage each member to fully contribute to key business activities in such a way as to maximize their personal effectiveness as a leader while bringing the team and the organization to its ultimate success.

We Are Confident
In Making Confidence

Our Process and Programs are effective, progressive, and produce results:

  • Employees are more confident in their work.
  • Teams are more effective at communicating and operating.
  • Leaders are made and create leaders themselves.
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